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Wedding Pricing

I asked myself, "how can I make a wedding package that has the right amount of coverage with nearly all the elements my clients deserve?" It's no easy task creating a wedding package because even though every wedding is different what doesn't change is my passion to deliver what I feel showcases my talents which is telling your story. I want everyone to go home knowing that those precious moments were captured to their fullest and that you'll have your story told.

Simply Elegant Wedding

-10 hours of photographic coverage with myself at the helm and an assistant photographer rocking right along side capturing everything from getting ready through the ceremony and ending right before the reception starts to get a little weird. You can always add more coverage or maybe trim a little off the top.

-An engagement session is a must and as such it's included. I really want to know you both and learn how you two react with my camera pointed in your direction and there is no better time than now.

-All of your final edited images edited and ready within 4 weeks of your wedding date on a thumb drive for easy backup and storage.

-A print release giving you the right to share, print and enjoy all of your wedding images without restrictions.

If you need more hours, custom albums, prints or something that is just simply you please let me know and I will help create the best package to fit your needs. Please understand that the price reflects local, any place within one hour drive time of Rockford Illinois, so if you need me a little further away from home please let me know.

Ok, I love everything and I want to book you what is the process?

You have fantastic taste and I commend you on your decision. I would love to meet you and chat in person but first I need to make sure your date is available and if you're wedding is a destination wedding I need to make sure I can get there in time so pretty please head to the contact page and give me some wedding day details.

Once I receive your contact info and I've made sure my calendar is open we need to meet up at some point and chat at a local coffee shop or the park or any place we can have a nice peaceful meet up. If the distance is too great a nice phone chat works well for me. This is your time to make sure I'm the right person for your wedding. The right photographer may not be me even though you love my photos so make sure you have the photographer that is the right fit for you and this is your chance to do just that. 

From our little consultation I build an idea of how I can cover your wedding day to it's fullest and will make suggestions on timing and how to best use my abilities. I will also go over any fun questions like contracts and the boring legal stuff so don't be afraid to ask me anything wedding or photography related. I want you to be certain that I am the right person for your day so ask away.

Before we leave the consult I will have a proposal written and ready for you to examine either there or at home. It will have all the goodies including a contract for you to peek at and make sure it's legalize is properly unreadable. Just kidding my lawyer is awesome and made it in American English for me. You can either book on the spot or take your time, interview a few more photographers if you desire, and actually sign everything online and even use my fancy online payment system. Again, I like things to be easy so everything is super streamlined but do remember that your date isn't locked in unless you've signed a contract and the retainer has been paid. 

Once you've booked you're locked in and no one else can have you but me! Then we get to plan engagement session ideas and work on timeline and all the other fun wedding stuff. I know your'e super excited about that mostly because you're going to have some awesome pictures.

Thank you so much and I can't wait to meet you both!

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