Frequently Asked Questions

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You have questions; I might possibly have answers! I can only imagine that you have a few questions for me since deciding on your wedding photographer is an outrageously difficult task so I've prepared a few questions I get asked quite often with my response directly below it. If you'd like to ask me something you don't see featured  below feel free to send me a message on my contact page and it may end up on here in the future. Have a read and don't forget to send me a message.

What/who is SIMPLYPHOTO?

Simply it's me, Chris Warkocki. Not so simply it's an idea and a transformation in the photography business for the better by being an extension of who I am. Why make everything so difficult when it doesn't have to be because let's be honest, wedding planning isn't easy. I just want to capture your moments as they happen and get them hung on your walls for you to enjoy for many years to come and you just want an awesome photographer who becomes part of your amazing wedding day. 

I can see you do weddings but do you do any other type of shoots?

Currently my focus is on the wedding industry because I enjoy it the most but I also love working with high school seniors, families as well as couples. Please feel free to use the contact section to get ahold of me.

Are you insured?

Most definitely am and can provide you with a copy of my insurance for venues if they desire them. If you're ever in need of insurance hit up Adrianna McGill at Brian Boyer State Farm. She might be kind of amazing and she is past bride. Love you Adrianna!

Do you have backup gear?

I wouldn't be a professional photographer without it. I always bring extra gear to all my wedding events for those "just in case" moments.

Can my Family/Friends take pictures during the wedding?

Of course they can! Just let them know if they slow things down a tad I may ask them to step back so we can get back on schedule. I do also offer a small discount for unplugged weddings.

How many images do you deliver?

If it's a wedding I tend to fully edit and deliver to you about 500-1000 images. It all depends on the amount of time I'm at your wedding and how much my second shooter is clicking away during your day. If this is a portrait session it tends to about 50-100 images and can vary greatly depending on time and locations.

How quickly will you get he images back to me?

I take on only a small selection of weddings in the calendar year as to provide everyone the best quality and turnaround time. I promise no longer than 4-6 weeks on any wedding and no longer than 1 week on portrait sessions.

Do you require a deposit/retainer?

I do require a retainer of $1000 to hold your date regardless of the wedding package investment. Retainers are non-refundable unless certain circumstances arise, see the next question below for more. All portrait session have a $50 non-refundable retainer.

What is your refund/return policy?

I do offer refunds in certain circumstances and all of that is outlined in my contracts so feel free to request a copy of the contract for more detailed information. No worries all my documents are crafted by a gifted lawyer who writes in english not legaleze.

Where are you located?

Born in and love my city of Rockford,Il as well as the the surrounding area. I do travel quite a bit even though my main wedding attack circle isn't very large. If you have any question of whether I will cover your wedding outside of my area please ask and I bet we could work something out. 

How do you keep my images safe?

My intricate system of backups hasn't failed me yet, knock on wood, and it continues to expand for your image safety. First and foremost I go straight back to the office after your wedding to backup everything up in triplicate. No bar, no late night snack, no hanging out with friends. Once you're images are backed up in triplicate I create one last backup that get's delivered to a third party in case some evil ninjas decide to break into my home and these hard drives decide to be lifted by their sticky fingers or if some natural disaster hits my home I can walk over to his home and beg for my extra copy back and begin editing your wedding as my home gets rebuilt. Excessive? Sure, but your images are worth it.

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